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Dr Gabriel "Kapo" Simonian

Chairman & Founder

Kapo Simonian has worked for more than 35 years in the oil industry. After receiving his Bsc and Ph.D. in geology in the UK in 1975, he worked as a geologist in the Middle East, in Cyprus, Oman and Iran. Returning to the UK in the 1980's he established GAPS Geological Consultants Ltd., a well known London based company which employed 45 professionals. In 1993 GAPS was merged into Scott Pickford plc, a London Stock Exchange quoted geophysical consulting company, where he became a main board director until the sale of Scott Pickford plc, in early 1997, to Core Laboratories Inc. At this time he established Simco Petroleum Management Ltd, which is now recognised as a respected A&D advisory company in the oil & gas upstream sector.

In the past 10 years Kapo has been involved in advising on the establishment of several exploration oil company start ups, which have subsequently been sold to trade buyers (Scotsdale Petroleum in the North Sea), have been listed on stock exchanges (Crown Energy in Africa) or have farmed out their exploration work commitments and are now carried (Thombo Petroleum in Africa).

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