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Simco is well known for brokering farm-outs and managing the A&D process, but we offer much more.

Dilutions, Divestitures and Acquisitions
& Deal Advisory Service

Farm-outs and farm-ins: Simco is retained by client companies and can act as their agent in either a purchaser or vendor capacity.

Simco is highly experienced and able to advise clients as to the appropriate marketing strategies and structuring of their transactions.

In the case of disposals or farm-outs, Simco shortlists appropriate potential acquirer companies using its in-house global database and industry network. This list is further refined on the basis of Simco’s daily research on upstream oil industry activity providing a focus on companies' business objectives. Finally Simco’s extensive personal contacts often facilitate engagement between vendor and purchaser.

Simco can deliver all the marketing aspects of a farm-out, including preparation of Information Memoranda, preparation and delivery of technical presentations, hosting of data rooms and creating and maintaining a sales campaign database, maintaining contact with prospective purchasers and facilitating negotiations.

In the case of acquisitions and farm-ins a Simco team typically attends the vendor's data room, reports back to clients and advises clients on structuring and negotiating their bids if appropriate.

Identification of Project Opportunities, Licence Applications & Financing

Through its extensive network of industry contacts, backed up by daily research on international oil and gas transactions and developments, Simco can access a broad range of market and off-market opportunities and advise its clients accordingly. Opportunities can be through acquisition or farm-in to existing licences or through the application and award of licences directly from host governments.

Simco supports clients in these acquisition activities by attending data rooms, or making host country visits to gather technical and commercial information and subsequently preparing reports and technical and economical analyses of the investment opportunities.

Upon client company's instructions Simco can act as the client's representative in forming bidding groups and consortia to apply for licences and permits.

Utilising Simco’s excellent contacts in the oil & gas financial community, Simco is able to introduce client companies seeking to raise funding, either through private equity or through IPO's, to the relevant financial institutions.

Operations Support

Licence Management- Simco can assist its clients in the management of their licences and production sharing contracts. This includes developing the appropriate business strategies, contracting and managing third party contractors, interfacing with and reporting to host country regulatory authorities and managing Joint Venture technical and commercial activities including joint venture meetings.

Exploration Management Consultancy Services- Simco can advise clients on appropriate exploration strategies, staffing, technical work programmes and management issues.

Technical Services- Simco is fully equipped and staffed to undertake detailed interpretations of geophysical and geological datasets. Simco has in-house IHS Kingdom workstations.

External Peer Review- Simco can provide individuals or teams for external peer review including prioritisation of operations, technical audit and risk assessment and mitigation.

Management Consultancy

On behalf of the client oil company, or on behalf of an investor in the company, Simco can evaluate the company’s business operations, its historical performance and forecast of projected revenues and cash flows. Accordingly Simco can advise on a broad range of company issues including structure, staffing and strategy.

Thereafter Simco can work with the company in implementing its strategic plans which may address merger, divestment, dilution of interests, strategic partnerships or alliances, or seeking funding.

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