Current Mandates

Equatorial Guinea

Block H

Atlas owns a 100% working interest in the H Block PSC, covering 991 km2 in the offshore northern part of the Rio Muni Basin.  To date, the company has a database of 2,800 km2 of 3D seismic, with all of the block area covered.  This work has resulted in the identification of the large (>500 mmbo) Aleta prospect, with the intention of drilling this during the latter part of 2015. Atlas is offering a substantial equity stake to one or more parties to farm in on accepted industry terms, including paying 100% costs of the Aleta-1 well.


Manja 3108

Simco is pleased to advise that is has been retained by Crown Energy AB to assist in finding one or more partners to join in its exploration effort onshore Madagascar. Crown (through a wholly owned subsidiary) has a 100% working interest in the Manja PSC (Block 3108) in the Morondava Basin, covering more than 7000 square kilometres. OMNIS has recently approved a revised work commitment and timetable to allow a measured and logical exploration programme to take place over the next 2 years (15 Nov 2017 to 14 Nov 2019). This will commence with an airborne FTG survey covering over 7,000 km2 in 2018, followed by optional 2D seismic. A further drill or drop period follows.


Blocks 2011B & 2111A

Oranto Petroleum is seeking farm in partners for its Ondjou licence, offshore Namibia (Blocks 2011B and 2111A). The opportunity offers a farminee the chance to access over 11,000 km2 of undrilled acreage in the emerging Namibia exploration province.


OPL 320

Oranto has increased its interest in the licence to 100%. In light of this Simco is pleased to advise that Oranto Petroleum Ltd ("Oranto") is seeking partners to continue exploration and appraisal of the exciting deepwater licence OPL 320, situated in the prolific deep water Nigeria oil and gas province. Simco, as long standing advisors to Oranto, have been retained to market this opportunity to prospective farminees.


OML 109

Simco has been mandated to introduce potential farminees to OML 109, a high opportunity shallow water block which has a resource potential of one billion barrels of oil and oil equivalent. This is a huge, under-explored block in trend with giant fields, its size of 191,000 acres (773 km2) compares to 33 US Gulf or 3.5 UK North Sea blocks. Only 4 exploration wells have been drilled in the block over the last 40 years. OML 109 contains the producing Ejulebe Oilfield and farminees can participate in the further development of this field and/or in further explorations of the block. Two drill ready amplitude supported prospects have been identified with direct analogues to that adjacent and currently producing Ejulebe Field. Twelve additional prospects and leads have been mapped. This is a low cost operating environment, 12 miles to shore with oil and gas marketing infrastructure in place.


OPL 293

Oranto Petroleum Ltd owns a 100% working interest in the OPL 293 PSC, covering 1,023km2 in water depths of 200-1,100 metres. The block was re-awarded to Oranto on 22nd May 2015 for a 10 year period and contains one well and two 3D seismic surveys, located in the Southern ~400km2. The remainder of the block has a ~2x3km 2D seismic grid.

São Tomé and Príncipe

JDZ Block 5

Oranto Petroleum International Limited owns a 96.25% working interest in Block 5 in the Sao Tome & Principe/Nigeria Joint Development Zone (JDZ) in the Gulf of Guinea. The Licence covers an area of nearly 1100 km2 in water depths ranging from 1500m to 2500m. The work program for the current phase of the licence has been completed and a drill or drop decision is required by January 2018. Geologically the block is at the distal end of the Niger Delta system and is situated in both toe thrust and deep basin structural regimes. The block is entirely covered with good quality proprietary 3D seismic and contains a number of structural prospects with AVO supported anomalies. Wells immediately to the north of the block have encountered liquid hydrocarbons and it is anticipated that this oil potential will extend across Block JDZ5.

Oranto is looking for a partner or partners to earn a significant equity position and operatorship in this licence by carrying Oranto through the exploration phase.

São Tomé and Príncipe

EEZ Block 3

Oranto Petroleum-STP Limitada owns a 100% working interest in Block 3 of the Sao Tome & Principe Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The block covers an area of over 4200 km2 in water depths ranging from 2250m to 2470m. The work program for the current phase of the licence has been completed and a drill or drop decision is required by January 2018. Geologically the block is in the distal part of the Rio Muni basin with sediment input from the Equatorial Guinea and Gabonese Continental Margin. Initial interpretation of the 1560 km2 of proprietary 3D and the block wide high quality 2D seismic data has resulted in a number of leads in the Miocene and Upper Cretaceous sections that need further study to progress to drill ready status.



Simco is advising Oranto Petroleum in its search for industry partners to continue exploration of the Cayar Offshore Shallow PSC, in which Oranto owns a 100% working interest. The company has acquired 1,000 km2 of new 3D seismic data, together with a grid of vintage and reprocessed 2D seismic. Well control is provided by the 1970s NSO-1 on block and several onshore wells near the coast. Interpretation of the integrated dataset is nearing completion and has indicated a major depocentre of the Cretaceous aged Casamance delta system within the block.


St Louis

Simco is also advising Oranto Petroleum in its search for industry partners to continue exploration of the St. Louis Offshore Shallow PSC, in which Oranto owns a 100% working interest. This is a recent permit and data gathering is still underway. Nevertheless, two significant structural 4-way closures have already been identified of 60-100 km2 area and up to 130m relief, in water depths of 250-600 metres. These lie updip from the regional migration paths of the Lower-Mid Cretaceous source rocks which lie 10-30 km further outboard. Kosmos is actively drilling this trend in 2016 and has already announced the major Guembel-1 discovery. The licence has an initial 3 year period (until May-18) to acquire 1,500 km2 of 3D and thereafter to make a decision on drilling within the following 2 years. Together with Oranto's Cayar block the 2 licences provide >10,000 km2 "running room" within the very active Senegal-Mauritania Basin.



Elenilto Group is seeking a partner to continue exploration of their highly prospective block offshore Senegal. The opportunity offers access to nearly 8,000 square kilometres within the Casamance sub-basin which is the Southern part of the Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea Bissau Basin. Preliminary studies indicate mean STOIIP exceeding 1.5 bnbbl in various leads and prospects located in water <20m deep. Several wells have been drilled in adjacent blocks on prospects defined by 2D seismic associated with salt domes. The key to unlock the potential of the SOSSB area is 3D seismic.



Oranto Petroleum Company has been awarded two licences in the Uganda section of the prolific Albertine Graben. The licences contain an existing oil discovery which produced oil to surface on test, and a shallow gas play proven in the Ngassa-1 well drilled in 2008. Good quality 3D seismic data is also available. Oranto is looking for a partner to join them in both licences.

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