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Daneil Baltar


Daniel is a physicist and holds an MSc in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (ISE/Heriot-Watt University). He has experience in all stages of the exploration workflow, from regional interpretation and play analysis to appraisal and geophysics, and has worked in a wide range of basins around the world, from South East Asia and India, through the Barents Sea and the Middle East to the GOM, Brazil, and Argentina.

Daniel has been responsible for the delivery and interpretation of many CSEM surveys, including the largest single-contract CSEM survey to date, using CSEM in the evaluation of prospects in a wide variety of geological environments. He has been material in the development of many of the tools and workflows required for the use of CSEM in exploration, such as CSEM interpretation workflows, reservoir resistivity rock physics, the development of CSEM anomaly qualification criteria, the evaluation of probability of success and volume estimation using CSEM, and the value of CSEM information in portfolio management. He has helped a wide range of companies, from NOCs to small independents, improve their exploration performance through the use of CSEM in their exploration processes.

Daniel’s current focus is on improving exploration performance through timely use of information in the decision-making process. Daniel is a member of SEG, EAGE, and AAPG.

For more information about CSEM, click here.

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